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Mumio 100g tub


Mumio/Shilajit botanical name Mineral Pitch

Mumio is a resin collected from the Russian high Altai mountains. The name 'Mumijo' is a Russian word (МУМИЁ) derived from the Greek, originally meaning 'body-preserving'. Aristotle even spoke about it! In the Indian Ayurvedic Health System Mumijo is called 'Shilajit' or 'Salajeet' ; 'Nectar of the Gods, The Destroyer of Weakness, The Conqueror of Mountains'. It is considered the most powerful of all remedies, a panacea, giving vitality, unsurpassed power and long lasting health. Try it as a hair wash, with your face cream and potentially many more applications…let us know how it works for you. If you’re interested in using Mumio ceremonially please let us know and we will arrange special pricing for you


Lovingly produced in Hilton

Western Australia, 6163


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