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Ceremony incense bundle


Peruvian Palo Santo

3 Sustainably & ecologically harvested planks prepared by hand the traditional way using Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens). Ceremony focuses on the plants own intelligence. No artificial glues, binders or fragrances & no essential oils. Just light & Enjoy! There's been much over harvesting of Palo Santo as the world seeks more and more of this magical ceremony wood. As it's required to be harvested only from fallen branches 4+ years old it's becoming harder to sustainably collect in the wild. We support local farmers who collect on a strict forestry diary and who are creating sustainable plantations for future collection. We feel confident our partners are working towards a future of abundance of this amazing wood for us all so that our ceremonies and rituals may continue.


Lovingly produced in Hilton

Western Australia, 6163


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