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As a husband and wife team both of us spent majority of our lives travelling to new and wild places looking for evidence that there is more to life than meets the eye.

We have been joyfully seeking out the wild spaces and learning and developing ceremony and ritual to understand and perceive these wonders.

Tribe Earth was established in 2003 with the intention of peering behind the veil of the 9-5 mundane world to the truth of who we are. I left a busy profession as an accountant to follow these whispers into the jungles. Tribe Earth's founding in 2003 was my first declaration that I intend to work for the plants and an intention to share and support the intelligence of Earth's wild plant teachers.

The amazing things we have found over the years (and continue to find) have inspired our incenses and our objects of ceremony.

All of our offerings are sustainable, eco harvested and fairly traded and within our principles of sacred economy and a reverence for our human roles of stewards to the wonders of our Planet.

Over the years Tribe Earth has been weaving and blossoming in different ways. I met and married my beloved Gary in 2008 and I became a We...

The consistent thread since Tribe Earth's beginnings is that Gary and I have always worked with plant essences. Both separately and then together.

Our business is built around our Love for the plants and the wild spaces they inhabit. Our benchmark values are the principals of integrity and deep authentic quality by honouring the spirit of all components and objects we work with.

We believe in people, in Community and in the goodness of the natural world to hold us, teach us and guide us.

We believe that finding our own wild space is important and that following our hearts song is our most powerful prayer and ritual and that our prayers, ceremonies and rituals change the world.

Please come with us on this epic journey and discover the songs these plants long to sing to your soul!

Try our incenses!! You'll see what we mean!!


From Kim


Lovingly produced in Hilton

Western Australia, 6163


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